Window Wells

What are window wells?

A window well is a half circle shell built around a window which is below grade level. Granite or rock below the bottom is designed to provide a ‘well’ for water to collect instead of flooding a basement. Window well design materials can include metal, cement, plastic, or brick.

Brings natural sunlight into your home.

Another reason for a window well is to produce sunlight into your basement. This is due to the reflective qualities of the window well.

It might be the law!

The city or county in which you live in may require that your basement window provide access to the outdoors due to emergencies. If this is the case, your window well will need to be large enough to provide a way for you to escape by using steps or a ladder.

Window wells protect your home

A well maintained window well will save you a lot of money, as well as time and inconvenience if you keep it well maintained. By maintaining it, you can prevent damage to the interior and exterior of your basement. Our 16 gauge window wells carry a 30 year warranty from the manufacturer.