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About Greenwood Contracting LLC
Greenwood Contracting LLC was founded in 1989 by Rocky Dunn. For your protection and peace of mind we are a fully licensed Contracting Firm and carry liability and workmans compensation insurance, when needed on your white concrete countertop project in the Apache Junction, AZ area. All of our subcontractors are also fully licensed and insured. Our reputation for excellence and attention to detail on all of your white concrete countertop needs has made us the right choice for homeowners throughout the Apache Junction, AZ area. For all of your white concrete countertop needs in the Apache Junction, AZ area, give Greenwood Contracting LLC a call at 602-410-3580.
What Makes Us Unique?
We at Greenwood Contracting LLC are close knit, and family owned and operated, dedicated to bringing the best quality and white concrete countertop services to our clients in the Apache Junction, AZ area. We are both a specialty contractor and general contractor with a great team of trades people we work with. We are an accredited business in good standing with the Better Business Bureau in the Apache Junction, AZ area. We are also listed with Ethical Arizona.com as a trusted business partner. Our commitment to top quality workmanship, creative solutions, efficient service, experienced craftsmanship and customized white concrete countertop services has been the cornerstone to our success. With 30 plus years of experience in the Apache Junction, AZ area, we have worked hard to build a solid reputation of integrity with our clients. For all of your white concrete countertop needs, please give Greenwood Contracting LLC a call at 602-410-3580.
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- Addition to Existing Structure - Build
- Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Install or Replace
- Asphalt Shingle Roofing - Repair
- Bathroom - Remodel
- Cabinets - Install
- Carpentry Framing - Install
- Concrete - Install
- Concrete Driveways, Patios, Walks and Floors - Install
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Countertops are the finishing touch to any space. Tile and Natural Stone countertops are especially elegant and can comfortably fit almost any budget. Tile and Natural Stone have a reputation for durability as well as beauty. It is heat resistant, hard to chip, and will last forever if properly maintained. Make your statement and let us help you make it beautiful.   

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